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Great idea! :D
The sounds were really good but after I found the fox I got lost. I wonder how it would be if you could it play with a controller, because with it you could add a rumble if you are touching a wall. It's the reduced amount of information what a blind person would get.
I ever wonder how blind people play video games. There are few games out there wich gives these people the posibility to play these games and all because of the feedback you get from the game.
The Name Komorebi is also a interesting because it represents a kind of dilemma.

Thanks for the feedback! I think the controller haptics would be a great idea! Sad to hear that you got lost, but I must admit it can be quite tough to hear the fire sometimes! This game is more of an experiment, but I do think that we can create really high quality games for people with impaired vision, with a system like this, or something similar, but much better :P


exquisite!  lovely experience c: