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Life can be so hectic and busy... Sometimes, all you need is a break: 
ATMOS is a relaxing minimalist space experience about leading your ship to safety.


Play this game on fullscreen 1080x1920 resolution (it can break if you don't!)


Space - Release the ship from gravity-zone
A&D or Arrowkeys - Steer the ship slightly


Everything was made from scratch, except the music. The three songs used in the game are copyright-free and downloaded from the Youtube music-library.


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ATMOS_V.1.3_Windows.zip 19 MB
ATMOS_V.1.3_Mac.app.zip 25 MB


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What a great little game. Very well put togetherand very simple to play. I did a quickplay video and hopefully the viewers will get a great idea of how the game works and they me even spot the stars changing in the background.



Appreciate the kind words and the gameplay :) Glad you enjoyed it!

Lets hope we can get a few more plays Virtual Turtle.

Good Work



Very enjoyable.  Did you ever play Orbient on WiiWare?

thank you, and no I haven't ^^

It's a similar concept but you control attraction and repulsion of the planets around your craft.  

Oh nice, it does look pretty similar and interesting. Thanks!


Really nice concept, would suggest making the spacbar not a toggle button, but instead you hold down spacebar to connect to the dots, it will feel much more better in my opinion, also, I think maybe add some slight(can be slow and smooth) movement to the camera, following the character, just to add a little bit more of sth to it, it feels too confined with that space feel background and theme, and add a JRPG menu selection sound effect(like that breaking glass or dispersing sound effect) when a dot disperse(edited)


Hands Down The Most Relaxing Game ive played...Ive Never Relaxed While Dying...Good job

Thanks a bunch for playing, I really enjoyed your video! I love your mission to get more eyes on small creators and creations :) I retweeted the video by the way. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Ps. you reminded me a lot of bob ross in the video, 'only happy little accidents' ;)